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MONETT Athletics

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MONETT Athletics

Monett High School

MONETT Athletics

Monett High School

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1 month ago @ 8:58AM

Big 8 Conference Covid 19 Guidelines for Fans and Spectators










Big 8 Athletic COVID Guidelines


1)    All visiting schools will take temperatures of Tier 1 personnel prior to traveling.


2)    The host schools will determine the face covering regulations for spectators at the events the school is hosting.


3)    Spectator guidelines will be the host school’s decisions which will be guided by the local county health department.  The responsibility of communicating the guidelines will be provided by the athletic director which will then be shared accordingly.  The guidelines include the number of spectators allowed and seating arrangements.


4)    Student sections will be required to use social distancing.  If social distancing is not possible then students will be required to wear masks.  If capacity is an issue then student sections will be limited in number.


5)    Each individual school will determine the cancellation of game(s) based on the COVID situation and the local health department guidelines.


6)    Sidelines of games for coaches/athletes: Social distancing will be practiced on sidelines.  When social distancing is not possible facemasks will be required. 


7)    Face masks will be highly recommended for spectators.  Public address announcers will remind spectators several times.


8)    Post-game sportsmanship will consist of the following:  Make sure both teams are actively engaged in the show of sportsmanship.

a)    Football- lineup on hash of sideline and lift helmets towards each other

b)    Volleyball- lineup on 10-foot line and wave.

c)     Soccer- wave from respective benches.

d)    Softball- wave from respective benches.


9)    No bands will be traveling to away contests.  Highly recommended to place bands in alternate spots other than bleachers (i.e. in the end zone).


          10)  Cheerleaders... I suggest we state that Cheerleaders will be encouraged to wear face coverings when social distancing isn't possible except while stunting.  


11) Recommended to follow the policy of the official’s association in regard to health guidance of the officials.


12)  Water will be provided by the host school for indoor events.  However, each visiting team will need to designate one person to fill bottles.  For outdoor events schools will need to provide their own water bottles and coolers.



13) Host schools will communicate the maximum number of people allowed in the press box.  The athletic director will need to communicate the press box regulations with the visiting team.


14) Live streaming information will be provided to each school prior to the contest.  Each host school will do the best they can to provide live streaming of events.



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